Guide to Get Hired

1. Get a American Heart CPR card for Health care providers

This is usually a four hour to eight hour class.  This certification is required by every fire department and required to be an EMT.  PVCC offers it as EMT 101 or go toPhoenix CPRto see when the next class is.

2. Get your EMT-Basic (B)
In order to be a Firefighter you must have your EMT-B. The EMT course is an 8 credit course and Paradise Valley C.C. offers this course click here for the next available class.
3. Start taking some classes, get some certificates, or pursue a fire science degree.
FSC 101 Intro to Fire Service Selection -  This class is designed to help you for the interview process. 
FSC 134 Fitness & Conditioning/Firefighters ? This class is designed have you pass the CPAT.  You will run thru the CPAT, workout, and have help to enhance your diet.
4. Start testing
It?s never to early to test or to late.   There are over 168 fire stations in Maricopa County alone and that number is only going to grow since the Phoenix Metro area is the second fastest growing metropolitan in the United States.
5. Get your Firefighter 1 & 2
 TheFire 1 & 2 Academy is a great way to gain experience as a Firefighter. The academy exposes you to live burns, vehicle extrication, and much more.
Just like in any other job you will need to build a reputation and get to know more about your future employer.  Here are some ways to help with that:
 Infinity Groups ? These 7 organization's are comprised of Fire Fighters that donate their time to help potential fire fighter recruits apply the necessary skills for all aspects of the recruitment process. This includes mentoring for the Written Test, CPAT and Oral Interviews. Members are given the opportunity to practice hands-on for all aspects of this process in order to help them be successful.

Phoenix Emerald Society
About: Our organization is made up of individual firefighters, and their families, who share interests in Irish heritage and culture. We enhance our professional and personal lives by providing community service, charity, and professional growth.
Contact: Firefighter Todd Yonkers (
Meeting Information: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM at the Paradise Valley Community Center located at 17402 North 40th Street, Phoenix AZ. (North of Bell on the West side)
More Information: Click Here

Valley Hispanic Bomberos
About: We, as proud men and women have chosen to build an association based on principals of self-determination and self-empowerment. Through self-empowerment, we will continue to celebrate and share the rich culture of our forefathers, while pursuing the honorable profession of Firefighters dedicated to saving lives and property.
Contact: Captain Anthony Hernandez
Meeting Information: Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of every month at: Travis L. Williams Family Service Center 4732 S. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ @ 9:00 AM
More Information: Click Here

Firefighters For Christ
About: Our mission goal is to encourage firefighters to live their lives for Jesus Christ
Contact: Engineer Robert Hill ( or (623) 332-9768
Meeting Information: Contact Robert Hill for information
More Information: Click Here

JW Robinson Society
About:The JW Robinson Society, United Black Fire Fighters celebrates diversity through our commitment to professional development , community outreach, mentorship, scholarships and educational enhancement.
Contact: Captain Courtney Jenkins( 602-495-7888 
Meeting Information: Contact Program
More Information: Email 

Rosie Ladders
About:The program is designed to give women in the hiring process the necessary exposure and the opportunity to practice these skills. The program also gives female candidates an understanding of the demands(both physically and mentally) expected of being a professional firefighter.
Contact: Captain Crystal Rezzonico ( (602) 534-FIRE
Meeting Information: This is an eight-week course that meets twice weekly. Female captains, engineers and firefighters teach the curriculum. The training is progressive with each weeks skills building on to the next. All candidates are asked to make a commitment to attend all of the classes and come prepared for a physically intensive program.
More Information: Email

Cadet Program
About: The Phoenix Fire Department Cadet Program was started in 1975. The purpose of the program is to provide cadets with hands-on emergency medical training, work experience at fire stations, training in firefighter skills and volunteerism for the community.  Click here for more information
Contact: (602) 534-4488 (
Meeting Information: Contact program
More Information: Click Here