Interim Tucson Fire Chief named
2011-02-19 - 05:19:02 - Current News
TUCSON - An interim replacement has been named for Tucson Fire Chief - Patrick Kelly resigned from the post earlier this week, saying he left on his own after his relationship with city manager Mike Letcher soured. Jim Critchley, current Assistant Fire Chief at Tucson Fire Department, will step in as Interim Chief when Patrick Kelly leaves - Kelly said this week that his last day will be March 26. According to the website of the Western Fire Chief's Associated, Critchley joined TFD in 1988 after working as an EMT, instructor, firefighter and security guard. He has a MBA from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Service Management from Arizona State. Sources with the City of Tucson and TFD told News 4 that Patrick Kelly was forced out of his current post, but City Manager Mike Letcher and Kelly both say he resigned on his own. On Tuesday, the Chief Kelly said the same thing. He admits his relationship with Letcher turned sour, but he maintains he was not fired. "There is no discipline in my file, there never was any discipline in my file and discipline didn't have anything to do with it. This was my decision," said Kelly. The 58-year old Chief believes he did a good job for the city during a tough economic time. But he admits he's been outspoken about city rules requiring department heads to live within the city limits. And he acknowledges he sent out a harshly worded memo voicing his opposition to that rule. That memo was not well received by Kelly's boss, Mike Letcher. Kelly now says he should have worded that memo differently. But he claims that didn't have anything to do with his resignation. "The point is I serve at the whim of my boss and when he feels that it's time, or we feel together, that it's time to make a change, we've agreed on that, I gave him my resignation, he accepted it, so therefore he agreed on it. He could have denied my resignation."